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25 May 2013 Written by 

Mumbai bomb blast inspired me to make 'D-Day', says Nikhil Advani

Mumbai bomb blast inspired me to make 'D-Day', says Nikhil Advani

Mumbai: Filmmaker Nikhil Adwani, who is gearing up for his film ‘D-Day’ says Mumbai bomb blast "affected" his life and that inspired him to make this film.

"It`s fictional characters. We have taken events from India`s history and used them as triggers. I am particularly obsessed with the fact that I was 21 when the bomb blast happened in Mumbai... it affected my life, quite a lot and I wanted to make a film to that particular event and that`s why this film was made," Adwani told reporters during the first Look and trailer launch of ‘D-Day’.

‘D-Day’ is the story of four unassuming protagonists, all with varying back stories and a common mission that brings them together on foreign soil to execute one such mission. It explores their journey, their choices, their loss, their victory.

Rishi Kapoor`s character seems to have a resemblance to Dawood Ibrahim but Nikhil denied these reports.

"Yes, all the fingers point to that person but nowhere in the film I have said that it is about him. The character in my film is completely fictional and a figment of me and my writers` imagination. It is very inspirational that Rishi Kapoor agreed to play such a role," the 42 year old said.

He further added, "My film is about the most wanted man in India. The story is about an operation that takes place in Karachi to bring this man back to Indian shores."

Directed by Nikhil Adwani `D-Day` features Rishi Kapoor, Irrfan, Arjun Rampal, Huma Quereshi and Shruti Haasan. The film is slated for July 19 release.

Shruti Haasan is supposedly playing the role of a Karachi based prostitute in Nikhil Advani's D-Day and the steamy posters have been creating quite a talk among the audience. The story is reportedly about a RAW agent falling in love with the prostitute.