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Koch royals for Naranarayan, Chilarai statues on Kamakhya temple premises

GUWAHATI: Members of Koch royal families have asked the government to set up statues of Koch king Naranarayan and his younger brother, Chilarai, on the Kamakhya temple premises here.

The royal families under the banner of Consortium of Koch Royal Families (Conkorf) had met governor Banwarilal Purohit last month with their demand for installtion of the two statues.

Conkorf said the Kamakhya temple was built by Naranarayan and Chilarai in 1565 and that the duo deserved a place on the temple premises. The royal families have also raised the pitch for granting ST status to the Koch Rajbongshi community saying that the community is an indigenous group in the state and such a safeguard would help in protecting their culture and identity.

"In the present situation, it has become imperative for the community to have constitutional safeguards for the protection of its culture and identity. At the same time, it has also become equally important to preserve the historical monuments built during the Koch rule," Conkorf secretary Pranab Narayan Dev, a scion of the royal family of Darrang Koch kingdom, said.

In September, Conkorf and other Koch Rajbongshi organisations staged a protest at Chilarai Park in Amingaon, on the outskirts of Guwahati, demanding proper upkeep of the statue of the Koch general.

After the death of king Naranarayan in 1584, the Koch kingdom was divided into Koch Behar and Koch Hajo. Koch Behar was ruled by Naranayan's son Lakshmi Narayan and Koch Hajo, which covers large parts of present-day Assam, was ruled by Chilarai's son Raghu Narayan.