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Mobile wallet powers paan-seller's business

GUWAHATI: Demonetisation has spelled doom for many traders, especially smaller ones. But not for Phulkumar Shah, a paan-seller in Guwahati. Saha has, in fact, increased his sales by accepting payments through mobile e-wallet Paytm.

"I haven't been facing much difficulty in acquiring change or getting payments. I had been using Paytm for the last couple of months, but it has only become popular among my customers after the ban on the old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes," the paan-seller told TOI.

Shah said an amount of at least Rs 400 is transferred to his account through Paytm daily.

The seller came to know about the app through Facebook. "Later, some of my customers helped me install the Paytm scanner. It was rather simple," said Shah.

A shopkeeper has a unique Paytm code which customers can scan with their smartphones. Once the scan registers on the phone app, the typed amount can be transferred to the shopkeeper's account.

Shah, however, is skeptical about the demonetisation of old notes. Both buyers and sellers at local markets in the city had suffered in its aftermath, he said.

At least 300 Paytm points have been installed in the city to combat the problem, said a Paytm official. "After demonetisation, people are more willing to accept it. Shah is the first paan-seller to avail himself of the service," he said.