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Google AdWords: 5 smart ways to use it

Making smart use of a Google AdWords campaign can often result in a significant impact on the amount of leads converted into sales, without an increase in budget.

This post is on five smart ways to use the platform easily and effectively.

Tip 1: Modify bids according to geographic performance

To optimise Google Adwords, remember to modify your bids according to the geographic performance of your advertisements. Simply put, track the geographic performance of your advertisements to better understand how they are doing in different locations.

Tip 2: Use Google AdWords A/B testing tool

All marketers have a limited Google AdWords budget, so A/B testing is useful to increase key metrics such as conversion rates and clicks. Use the Google AdWords A/B testing tool to achieve this on a systematic basis. Use a calendar to make split testing part of your job scope, so that you can improve as time passes.

Tip 3: Pay attention to new negative keywords

Negative keywords are defined as keywords that are irrelevant to what you want to rank for. For example, if you want to sell “Japanese (wine) glasses,” then negative keywords include “Japanese eyewear.” Negative keywords will help you exclude certain search terms from your Google AdWord campaign.

Look at your search term report after one round of advertising. It will inform you what sort of keywords help readers find your advertisements. From these keywords, you will find both profitable and unprofitable ones, so keep the profitable and put the unprofitable under your list of negative keywords. This will maximise your ROI further and stretch the effectiveness of your budget.

This is an excerpt from Tech in Asia. You can read the full article here