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Why BJP has won in UP: 10 key reasons

The opposition pushing demonetization as bad for the economy did nothing. Worse, for the opposition, that is, demonetisation turned out to be quite a trump card for PM Modi and the BJP. Whether it's the civic polls in Chandigarh, Gujarat and Maharashtra or the Panchayat polls in Odisha, the BJP has been on a winning spree since demonetisation. It has almost become the BJP's lucky charm. Contrary to opponents' claims, the "demon" in demontisation is haunting the opposition rather than the saffron party.

UP was the ideal test case for demontisation: It has a large rural population with a predominant agrarian base, a large number of people who work as migrant labourers in states like Punjab and Maharashtra. They all were reportedly hit hard by demonitisation and were expected to teach the BJP a lesson at the hustings. But, nothing of this sort happened in UP.

Source:  http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/elections/assembly-elections/uttar-pradesh/news/modi-wave-sinks-akhilesh-rahul-and-maya-in-up/articleshow/57589102.cms